Sunday, November 14, 2010

Monstrosity - Spiritual Apocalypse (2007)

Right, first of all, I've been posting for a couple of days now through id_ and after a careful and rigorous analysis that determined that I'm not retarded - I am now a new contributor. So, Denny says hey!

Let's face the facts here, if you've never heard of Monstrosity before - you're not a fan of death metal. This one is the latest album and it's excellent. It's not their best, nor their worst. It represents true and indisputable art in the form of classic death metal. The drums are undeniably pure DM pounding that keep the entire album totally connected. The bass isn't too much in-your-face, but it does take the whole thing to a higher level. Now, the guitars are really a masterpiece on this. They just stormed the canvas of silence and painted an entire world to which you, willingly or unwillingly, fully submit. Besides the awesome guitars, my favourite thing on the album are the vocals. The guy has some really awesome growls and an amazing lung capacity. Check for yourselves.