Sunday, November 7, 2010

Liturgy - Renihilation (2009)

If you're familiar with traditional Norwegian black metal, you'll know that this isn't it. Last year's Renihilation is one of the best examples of the emerging modern American take on (avant-garde) black metal. What it lacks in "trve kvlt euil" it makes up for with intensity and extreme percussive force. Renihilation is comparable with both Krallice and Fell Voices, but is less abstract than the former and less ambient than the latter. This isn't to say that this album is worse than anything by Krallice/Fell Voices, quite the opposite; Renihilation is an excellent album, able to express a surge of emotion without pandering to the "artsy" crowd. Probably my favorite album of last year. Get it or get out, baddies.

Quality: 320kBit/s CBR
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