Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Liturgy - Dawn Of Ash (2004)

This is a Brodequin clone...and Brodequin rules - 92%
Written by DaddyZeus67 on June 14th, 2009
Liturgy is one of the thousands and thousands of Yankee brutal death metal bands that have spawned during the beginning of 21st century because they heard some Suffocation and wanted to kill like they do. This band however is not "just another brutal death band", Liturgy consists of members from couple better known bands which are Brodequin and Disgorge (US). As a matter of fact there's the entire Brodequin crew (Jon Engman and the Bailey brothers) on instruments and the former Disgorge vocalist Matti Way is fronting...and that's exactly what the band sounds like anyway: Brodequin clone with Disgorge vocals. The instruments are pure Brodequin worship and Matti does those gurgling gutturals as always. Overall this album is fucking brutal. The music is insanely fast and blasting and then there's some midpaced beatdown sections serving out some more brutality. Liturgy's guitar style is without a doubt similar to Brodequin in this way. Most of the time Mike Bailey goes for real fast and brutal technical riffs which are indiscernible because of the downtuning (what makes it even worse is that many of these "technical" riffs are pretty much ENTIRELY palm muted) but every once in a while he would throw in a heavy and punishing breakdown riff. There's less of the slow parts than you usually hear from Brodequin but other than that there isn't virtually any differences between this band's and Brodequin's sound. There's a whole lot of tremolo picking here... obviously in the fast parts but also in some of the midpaced sections, for example listen to that riff in Scars Of The Saints at 1:25 with that nice groove in it and all. The bass is inaudible and completely drowned under the guitar though that's pretty usual in modern brutal death metal. The drums are pretty Brodequin/Disgorge as well since the only beats on this album are blast beat and slam. There's insanely fast finger technique blast beats all through the record and when it's time for the slower parts, this guy does crazy double bass in support. Well here's another question to help you decide: do you like Brodequin? If you said "FUCK YEAH MAN!!" then by all means buy this! Your opinion towards this band depends entirely on how much you like Brodequin. But if you answered "nah...not really" or just plain "NO" then....just get the fuck out of here. (SOURCE)