Sunday, November 28, 2010

Branikald - Discography

I heard someone say it was going to be a black metal weekend.
Warning: the following albums contain high amounts of low quality NSBM. Audiophiles and PTA members beware.
Branikald is a Russian National-Socialist black metal band and the largest (in terms of albums) portion of BlazeBirth Hall. As a NS band, you get what you expect: high energy, high aggression. As a band directed by a guy who is apparently obsessed with early Darkthrone and Burzum, you get raw, primitive, and low (production) quality black metal.
If you listen to these albums in order a few times you might notice a pattern: The earlier albums tend to be styled after early 90's Norwegian black metal, the middle group experiment with atmospheric black metal, and the last few move towards a very martial or militaristic sound.
My personal favorite is Хладавзор. This album opens with a haunting 14 minute guitar intro - if you can only download one album, make it this one just for the first track. The next track, and the rest of the album, are an abrupt shift and place you neck-deep in a Slavic blizzard. Absolutely crushing. Not the best album in terms of songwriting (that goes to Av Vinterkald), but the atmosphere couldn't have been implemented better.

I kept Russian album/song titles for authenticity. Metal-Archives doesn't, but they are weak.

1994 - Stormheit
1995 - To Kampf
1995 - Varg Fjerne A Tornet
1996 - Rdjandalir
1996 - Kveldulv
1997 - Av Vinterkald
1998 - Жизнеотрицанью Жизневероломство
1998 - Хмель Мизантропии
1999 - Хладавзор
2000 - ВдохновеньСтрун НатутаСталь
2000 - Раздувая Тинг Ветров
2000 - Тингов наслаждаясь распрей
2001 - Триумф Воли