Thursday, November 25, 2010

Human Parasite - Proud to Build the Insidious Catastrophe (2010)

France’s Human Parasite isn’t doing anything remotely original on their full length debut, but their take on ultra-slammy, brutal, groovy death metal is well done and enjoyable. Opening with a sample of Alan Silvestri’s Predator score and a sample from the film, Human Parasite delivers 31 minutes of down-tuned, pig-squeal and double-bass-filled pinch harmonic romps that instantly reminded me of Suffocation, Devourment, Soils of Fate and mostly Destroy the Opposition-era Dying Fetus, but with a little more beefiness, especially when it comes to the breakdowns, grooves and the super-deep vocals of founder “Trash", who originally started the band as a one-man project and who does a solid John Gallagher impression.