Friday, November 26, 2010

Cerebral Hemorrhage - Exempting Reality (2001)

First impressions by this album were, “holy fuck, I’m about to fucking nut!” This stuff is absolutely brutal, and most of all unique. I’ve never heard anything like this. Sure, there are many NYDM bands out there who go outta’ their way to experiment but the end result usually doesn’t end up having its pieces of experimentation flow or fit in with the brutal elements, but Cerebral Hemorrhage seems to do this quite well by adding jazzy-clean guitars layered over soft synths and bass guitars. The sound quality and production are pretty decent. There are some things that could use some improvement to make this album perfect, but overall it doesn’t fall short of being brutal and clear. The guitars are nice and thick with a nice touch of treble, the drums are nut-rattling, the bass is smooth, and the vocals are devastating. There are times when the vocals can be compared to Lord Worm from Cryptopsy and Frank Rini from Internal Bleeding’s old days. So what kind of style does this band play? It’s really hard to tell exactly or categorize them specifically by what they play - considering the fact that they utilize some spastic grind elements similar to Discordance Axis, jazzy passages similar to Cynic, unexpected time changes similar to Suffocation, eerie guitars reminiscent to Thorazine, and groovy slam riffs similar to Repudilation and Internal Bleeding. It is guaranteed this album will grab your attention and will receive many spins. The jazzy sections of Remnants of Final Solution and the dark and eerie vibes from Resulting In Homicide by hold its grasp on you and will not let you go. I find my death metal buds and I rewinding the tracks back to those parts a couple of times before we let the player play the rest of the song. Overall, this album is fucking album. You’ll be glad to stumble across this album, not only because of the quality of the material, but its rarity. Definitely recommend for you slam brutal death metal fans looking for something new or fresh.