Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deathspell Omega - Paracletus (2010)

DEATHSPELL OMEGA is a Black Metal band that was formed in 1998 by Shaxul and Mikko Aspa and comes straight from the cold vast lands of Poitiers-France...After the first demo tape release in 1999, the debut album “Infernal Battles” came up after one year and 3 other full length albums followed, receiving great mass appealing. However, in this year 2010 DEATHSPELL OMEGA decided to unleash their 5th album entitled “Paracletus”, to bring the dark side of their philosophy upon your ears, once again! Instruments here are played with a combination of minimal yet aggressive phrases, distorted guitar crunch, but overall expanded into a space of giant sound. The random use of unpredictable lead guitar riffs adds a tone of sinister viciousness, showing us how these songs can evolve into a romantic influenced aura of structure, while staying grounded in a dual use of style. Drums compliment rhythms in an almost mocking style. Whether it is held back, snail's paced beats, or a horse stomp-trotting through like in a war zone. Khaos shows us again his mastery of drumming skill, using the constant thread of the high hat to sew everything together in this release. Every song on this full-length contains its own special atmosphere, created solely for its own purpose. DEATHSPELL OMEGA are unique, in a sense. They don't seem to like continuity in the form of a similar sounding soundscape throughout. From one track to the other, everything is different. Mikko adds little differences, whether it is a swirling ambiance or a clean version of vocals. This is something that is successfully achieved throughout and it's done by using innovative techniques to set DEATHSPELL OMEGA apart from all the modern day acts who attempt to create something similar, but fall very short of the mark. Mikko is a man who knows what he wants and how to achieve it. This driving ability is something that rubs off on the music. Instrumentally and in terms of the vocals, DEATHSPELL OMEGA is very focused in delivering. The sheer output in emotion is overwhelming. The rich tones and textures will delight the masses for years to come. DEATHSPELL OMEGA isn’t primarily a black metal band though. You can see that the bass, in particular, has taken influence from the doom metal genre. Slowly ebbing away, with down tuned declarations of a restless and sleepless soul. The way in which both the bass and rolls of the drums build, gives the impression of an oncoming storm. Ready and waiting to wash away the lives and souls of the scared. One could perhaps see the varying nature of the vocals as a metaphor for this oncoming storm. Whether they are Mikko's harsh voice, or his toned down whispers. A crying soul whose tears wash over the audience, in the form of the ambient riffs flooding in through the gaps of the minds… Finally, DEATHSPELL OMEGA has managed to make the peak in their career with the superb ”Paracletus” and I am pretty sure the audience of the Orthodox Black Metal scene will already have another epitome in their CD collection. Many credits to their sound producer’s professional work in the mixing/mastering of this album; truly one of the most crystal sounded albums I’ve heard in the past months.Review From Here