Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nadir - Eco-Ethic (2010)

Hungarian band mixing Bolt Thrower style midtempo death with hardcore/sludge elements resembling Crowbar. Some people label them deathcore as in death metal mixed with hardcore, but this has nothing to to with today's meaning of deathcore, ie. no eyeliner, horrible facial piercings, tight clothes, and hairspray here, just pummeling death metal with an added chug and groove. Last track a hidden song at the end, it's a cover of Raging Speedhorn's kickass song Scaramanga.

On a sidenote, they're one of the few bands who've been around for over a decade and support music sharing. They throw CDs into the crowd at shows like they don't give a shit and you can also download all their material from their official site. I applaud the attitude of such bands, and you should to, by spreading the word further.
This album was posted at the band's request.