Friday, August 27, 2010

Coram Lethe - ...A Splendid Chaos (2009)

Italianos Coram Lethe, playing so easy-to-love melodic technical death metal that I just can't believe why this album has only gotten rather mediocre reviews.
For this release, Coram Lethe used a female vocalist who growls in the same style as Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy. Except they didn't use 45 vocal tracks to make it sound like drooling gurgling shit. The vocals are much cleaner and rawer and there are some nice deeper growls as well. Musically I have to admit that nothing is exactly super original or progressive-style-wtf-is-this-new-stuff. However, personally I just love the riffs, solos and construction of the songs. Note that there are no symphonic keyboards, just guitar and bass driven melodic chugging riffs that will leave an imprint instantly. The drums are sound wise (not in the technical aspect) some of my favorite in a long time. On a second thought, the whole production just fits this album and style like a glove. If you have good speakers or headphones, there's just no way you won't start double pedaling during the very first intro song, Splendid Chaos; you'll probably continue doing it for the rest of the album. And there's just no way you won't rise and start to head bang and fuck about when you load up Passione Della Carne.
A completely underrated album that is very well performed, and where not a single track is boring without them trying to hard to achieve this and thus making the songs go outside of the album's element or seem disconnected.