Friday, August 20, 2010

Augury - Concealed (2004)

Augury is a progressive blackened technical brutal death metal (:P) band from Canada. This is one of my favorite technically inclined albums and like many other ingenious things out there, this album borders on insanity. It's such a mix of stuff that many will probably say it's too much (pr0 tip: Get some herb, it'll help you "see".). Basically the sound is just off the charts, containing everything from screechy noises to jizz-in-my-pants inducing solos. Including really sweet acoustic stuff, awesome aggressive riffs and a lot of nice technical touches. The drums are a perfect balance of brutalness and technicality, I absolute love the composition in every song and the (overall)production is top notch. Add to this stew the whole range of vocals; guttural growls, black metalish growls, clean kinda strange but cool vocals and some female soprano vocals and you have your masterpiece.
I could write something about every song on this album but The Lair of Purity is one of my favorite songs of all time. The infinite amount of times I've gotten goosebumps from the first solo and then cried bloody tears of joy at the second one/outro... Take your time with this one, it's worth it!
Review and link by Verity.