Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sadist - Season In Silence (2010)

The album is quite brilliant all around, with only a very tiny percentage of riffs that don't take me as far as I need. It's highly likely that this is the single best album I've heard from Italy that has anything to do, even peripherally with the phrase 'death metal'. Beyond those borders, it's better than anything I've heard from Cynic. It's better than anything I've heard from Atheist. It's better than Testimony of the Ancients or Spheres from Pestilence. It's a marvel, as if the band knew it was time to put up or shut up. Well, they've put up more than their share, like that freak in your neighborhood that always puts out a hundred thousand Christmas lights to outshine the rest of you spiritless wrecks. And they deserve some bloody recognition for it this time. It comes down to a simple query: do you like good music or don't you? If you answered yes, Season in Silence will freeze you in your tracks.