Friday, May 7, 2010

Rotting Corpse - The Demos [2009/5*]

Some early demos from this old-school thrash outfit. If your old or a thrash-usiast (cwhatididthar?) you may recognize these guys. Apparently they're going back out on tour with Soulfly & Prong this summer. Eitherway, this is a fine example of early texan thrash at it's finest. According to the included NFO: "Essential for fans of Gammacide, Heaven's Force, Devastation, Hammerwitch, Hellpreacher, and early Slayer".
J-j-jump on it!
Drink beer, punch cops, thrash.
* orig release 05: re-released 2009 with mini-dvd, however there is no DVDA from there included so..