Friday, May 7, 2010

Pro-Pain - Absolute Power (2010)

Gary Meskil is a fuckin legend! I remember this dude from the 80s when he wuz in the Crumbsuckers in the early days of NYHC. Then when crossover got big in the 90s he formed Pro Pain and it was da bomb. Roaring vocals, roaring guitar - man, everything roared when you listened to Pro Pain!! And this album is in the same vein with no sign of compromise or sell out so full marks to these guys for keeping true over the years - it's a goddamn riot with songs like 'Stand My Ground', 'Gone Rogue' and 'Divided We stand' though in all honestly all the songs on this album are excellent - and it's been a while since anyone's done something like that! I gotta ask if working with Gurd's VO Pulver made the difference in using an outside producer cos I've always remembered Pro Pain doin' their own thang? I mean, "Absolute Power" is an apt title cos everything is on all engines running from the song writing to the musicianship to the in your face sound - Pro Pain never sounded this good so this is absolutely goddamn recommended!!