Saturday, May 15, 2010

Domination Through Impurity - Masochist (2010)

Finally, after 5 years of their first release Essence of Brutality, they rise again with this new release called Masochist (which is what your going to be if you don't listen to this album!).
Catchy technical death metal is what these 2 guys play basically, bass, guitar and vox played by nothing less than Joe Payne, Divine Heresy's bassist and Drums played by Jordan Varela, the fuck knows who he is but he plays brutally catchy on this album that's for sure. Awesome vocal tone, very aggressive and fast just like the music, it flows well the whole way, Guitars are slamming catchy just like the drums, Joe Payne totally displays his skills here more than any other band he's been in. Overall this album is recommended for anyone that likes death metal, specially technical death metal, it's fast, catchy, brutal, technical and fucking intense.