Saturday, April 10, 2010

Execration - A Feast For The Wretched (2008)

This album just reeks of brutality. Right from the weird intro with the goats(sheep?) to the last few seconds of 'Penetration Butchery', this album will keep you on your knees, begging for more. This is probably one of the sickest albums ever. The riffs are brutal and varied, they also sound fresh. The guitarists are quite good, they even have a few solos(yeah, real ones). Every song is planned out well, and never gets boring. They actually sound a little, teenie-weenie bit like the Gorguts pair on Obscura (oh yes, they are insane). The drummer is a maniac. His continuous bass drumming and his fast blasting just cannot be ignored. Just like the riffs, his patterns are quite varied. He makes sure that every riff is accompanied by good drumming as well. The bassist is from Monstrosity, so what do you expect? He can barely be heard, but when he can, he sounds good. The vocals are just like the riffs. Brutal and varied. There are two vocalists in the band anyway and two guests, but the vocals always sound good. There are quite a few sick grunts to be heard. All in all, this album is nearly perfect. If you like death metal in the vein of Deeds of Flesh, Gorguts and Disgorge - check this album out. You will not be disappointed.