Friday, April 23, 2010

Afgrund - Svarta Dagar (2007)

Like grindcore? In particular, like Nasum? Then Afgrund’s debut album should be right up your alley. Svarta Dagar is a tight, cacophonous grind record that takes a great many cues from the aforementioned grind legends, perhaps too many. Vocals, the usual mix of manic screams with in-your-face growls, also sound a great deal like you-know-who, but don’t quite match the rhythmic mastery and infectious intensity displayed by the late great Mieszko Talarczyk. Not especially memorable (though there are moments), but definitely solid. The professionalism and skill shown in musicianship and song craft is damn impressive though. All fourteen tracks are strong and offer the listener all the razor sharp riffs, blasting drums, and over the top speed they could ask for. Overall, Svarta Dagar is an incredibly intense and surprisingly varied grind record, and maintains a high level of quality throughout its duration. However, the lack of originality is a still a hard pill to swallow for me personally. Regardless, I have no hesitation in giving a hearty recommendation for Svarta Dagar. Its tight, catchy, and aggressive as hell, and it's not like you're going to care about originality when you’re blowing out your eardrums to songs like “Maktens Murar Rasar.” Definitely pick this up if you’re into grind.