Thursday, April 22, 2010

Affliction - The Damnation Of Humanization (1992)

The band is called Affliction, the album The Damnation Of Humanization, and just by seeing the cover and not hearing a single note beforehand you could already be dead certain that the music is going to be straight-out thrash metal and maybe not too original for such. Indeed, the record starts out pretty flat and boring and doesn't really change its course during the lengthy tracks. To add to the textbook feel, even the lyrics cover seemingly serious topics in quite a stereotypical way. It's only the fastest thrashers like Tombs Of Forgotten Souls and Trying To Be Cool that provide some refreshment among the less distinctive and more tiresome stompers - too bad there are only a couple of these moments on the whole album. Affliction's sound is laudably heavy and technically there is no reason to complain, but with such a generic offering it was clearly too little and too late.