Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aeveron - Existential Dead End (2008)

When I first heard the song "Cathartic Rain" from Aeveron's new album, Existential Dead End, I just couldn't believe we were talking about a (relatively) new band in melodic death metal...these guys sounded like they've had at least a decade or more of experience! The album's got everything the average melodeath metalhead fan could (debatably) want: Awesome riffs, brutal grunting, and incredible clean vocals every now and then. Maybe the lack of REAL guitar solos make this album a bit less awesome, but sometimes there are; for example, the solo in "Take Heed of Trust" is pretty cool. You will also hear some black metal influences, take the song "Autoapotheosis" and you'll understand what I'm talking about. There are even female vocals in the title song, as well as spoken word-stuff... In conclusion, this is a band that has variety in their songwriting. They're better than half of today's melodic death metal bands out there...and I'm hopeful they'll get even better with time. While they don't add anything new to melodeath, they're bound to make a name for themselves pretty soon, I'm sure of that; another full length, a video clip...who knows. I'm just expecting to hear my fellow metalheads talking about this band with passion one of these days... Aeveron is bound for victory!