Saturday, February 4, 2012

Botanist - I-The Suicide Tree & II-A Rose from the Dead (2011)

I've been trying to write an appropriate review on this album for about three days, and in between making the album sound overly superflous (and using big boy words) or under rating despite its unique approach - and my benders of crystal meth and cartoon porn - I've yet to come to a conclusion.
So here's a review written while I'm not even listening to the album.. cuz, fuckit, we're doing it live.

Botanist is a one man project based out Califnornia who plays black metal in an interesting manner. That's right, fuckers, more 'obscure/hipster/shitpost/weird' black metal. Get on the dick train!
With other BM projects under his belt (Ophidian Forest, ex-Rubicon, ex-Utter Bastard) The Botanist as he calls himself on this projects kicks it up a notch with the use of a Hammered Dulcimer, drum-kit, and that's pretty much it. As one could guess, Botany/Flora and hatred for man are the main theme and concept, and reasoning/opinions of the orchestrator are worth reading just for the rants he goes on during questions.
Musically the most prominent elements are the dulcimer and the croaking wails of vocals that tell tale doom riddled plants and the story of a crazed man residing in a Forrest waiting on man to destroy himself. The drums play back seat here, almost transparent at times. I'm not sure if it's the production or on purpose, though if you read that review The Botanist takes great inspiration (albeit insulting at times) from other musicians and actually entwines that into songs - either through lyrical imagery or re purposing fills/patterns said influential drummers are known for. The eerie atmosphere that the dulcimer creates over the distant drum patterns moves from tranquil hypnotic to a crashing fury that consumes itself at times. Abrupt end!

If looking for something odd, 'unique' or overly ostentatious or just a giggle, The Botanist is an interesting stop to make on the muuuuuuuuuusical laaaaaaaaaaandscape.