Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Top10 List - Deathstroke

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting for quite some time now. My ISP is fucked and I just can't find the time, really. Hopefully, I'll start working at an internet cafe soon, so that's about to change. Hooray.

 Alright, moving on. An idea for posting 2011 top10 lists has been going around between contributors and as it's fairly difficult for us to reach an agreement on at what time should that occur (different time zones and shit), everyone will simply post at their convenience. So, I'll go first and if you've followed the blog, you're probably acquainted with my taste in music. So, here goes:

While not really my cup of tea, it pretty much blew me away and, by doing so, deserved to be here. Plus, they're the guys from Ihsahn, so that should say quality right there. Give it a go.

A huge flop compared to Communion or Sumerian Daemons, but a wonderful orchestral piece nevertheless.

Again, using their standard and winning formula, they managed to relocate the listener into their own realm of twisted, yet very technical death metal.

These fuckers are just insane when it comes to blending doom and death metal. They create a sort of unparalleled vibe, only known to their music and just simply pull you in with their ruthless and astounding sound.

 Although it's just an EP, it doesn't really matter - release is a release. And, what it lacks in length, it more than enough makes up through some sick blackened death madness.

Not much to be said here, these fuckers have been around long enough and every one of their releases is gold.

Probably one of the biggest surprises this year. It just appeared out of the blue as this strange project and it fucking blew everything away. It had one hell of a line-up and it basically mended the wound that Morbid Angel so ungraciously inflicted upon us all.

In my humble opinion, what we have here is this year's greatest death/black release. It simply devours with its intensity, atmosphere and all-around wickedness. Should really not be missed, if you're a fan of the genre.

This band is not supposed to have any introduction, nor any form of explanation, as they are most definitely the fathers of invention in black metal today. Their unique mixture of fantastically composed and diverse music, wicked background noises, extremely sick vocals and that shroud of mystery over the lyrical content is unrivaled by any band out there today. And that's a cold written fact.

This perverse album can best be described as an unloved child of old school death metal and slightly faster doom metal that has been tortured on a daily basis and left in the woods somewhere to die. Eventually, it grew up nad came back to kill fucking everyone. That's basically the closest I can get to it.
Truly, a crushing album. And I can't stress the word crushing enough, and that is exactly why it takes this year's cake.

So, enjoy this shit. Cheers.