Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sanhedrin - Salvation Through Sin (2010)

A few days ago I posted Sanhedrin's EP (here) and whilst browsing there bandcamp I came across there first album, Salvation Through Sin. It's more of the same blackened death metal and this time around there are 11 tracks to sink your/my teeth into.

Everything here sounds awesome but much like the EP the savagely growls and technical riffing remain my favourites. They make good use of pacing by using short interludes which adds some depth to the listening experience. The notable and my favourite standout on this album are definitely "The Second Coming" for the eerie intro and the crushing transitions that give an awesome flow to the whole song.

Probably the most incredible thing about Sanhedrin is how incredible they sound for a independent (how they haven't been signed yet fathoms me) production. The most notable difference between this and the EP is that I think there skills have grown somewhat between this album and the EP. The growth isn't staggering but it's enough that it makes my mouth water for subsequent material. 8.0/10.