Friday, August 5, 2011

Legacy Of Vydar - Face To Face (EP) (2009)

Legacy Of Vydar hails from Cologne, Germany and this EP was released back in '09. They remind me of Kalmah (especially "Hold On") in terms of there guitar work. They classify themselves as epic death metal which is accurate though I get kind of a melodic, viking vibe with the way everything is put together.

Only comprised of 4 songs, everything here is so good that it garners a fair bit of replay-ability. The riffing helps to create some very epic flowing melodies. Match that with more than decent vocals and simple but well crafted drumming; everything here works damn well.

I have been scouring the last few days, looking for some decent stuff and am very pleased I found these guys. This sounds incredibly good for a bands first work and gives me high hope for there future. 9/10 EP for sure.

  • Quality: V3 MP3 / VBR