Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inferi - The End Of An Era (2009)

Inferi is a Melodic Death Metal band from USA. While I wouldn't say that what they do is unique, it is definitely rare in this day and age. There is no keyboard, none, zero. The production is very natural-sounding, the blast beats sound really awesome and are used prominently. The vocals are a mix of rapid-scream-style-growl and more guttural ones, tending to leaning to the more rapid style though it isn't, thank da loaard, coreish. After a couple of listens the vocals actually turned out to be great. The guitar work on this album is pure earporn from the first listen though. Very fast, technical and still straight forward and honest. Rather than being technical with time signatures and wankery, this is just blazing fast beautiful melodic agony. Superb riffing and solos, with a very death metal feel to it. Don't mistake this for some power metalish crap. The lead guitarist is from A Loathing Requiem, so you know he can play. The bass suffers a bit in this production and mix, but there is no real room for it to shine in between the rapid drumming and divine guitars.

I hope that these guys can return and keep this exact recipe, because I have really missed it. Or maybe I haven't really heard it before, maybe I was just wishing I would... It is fucking amazing either way.
Support these guys, they deserve and need it!