Monday, August 8, 2011

Brutal Truth - Need To Control (1994)

Picture this: I'm standing in front of the merch building at OEF with Kevin Sharp and Dan Lilker who are selling Brutal Truth CDs, shirts, all sorts of stuff. Dan shouts "Hey everybody! Who wants to smoke weed with Brutal Truth?" The surrounding guys immediately raise their hands. "Oh, but you have to bring your own!" - He laughed. Seemed like a lame joke to me, but in a minute, some random dude showed up and rolled a joint for all of us.

tl;dr: I smoked weed with Brutal Truth

And now, the actual review. The recently reunited Brutal Truth have been around for over twenty years, releasing several unorthodox grindcore albums. None of them are really alike, the only common thing is that they all deviate from the traditional grind formula - this is the second album, my personal favorite up to date. Here we have songs going over 5 minutes (that's pretty long, considering the genre), atonal riffs, noisy ambient interludes, dragging midtempos, eccentric stuff you wouldn't expect on a grind album. Takes time to get used to for most people, but the appeal is great for those who do. This band is legendary and it's a must for every grindfreak to check them out to say the very least.

I also stagedived when they played the epic song Godplayer. It was glorious.