Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gallowbraid - Ashen Eidolon (2010)

Someone dropped a youtube link on IRC to a song on this album and I was amazed by its sheer awesomeness. This is a one-man atmospheric black metal band, quite similar to Agalloch, maybe even better. I couldn't come up with anything more so I asked some others on our channel to help write a proper review.
[02:37] <~Wormpaste> help me write a review
[02:37] <+Tesfan> "this band rocks. they play metal and stuff."
[02:37] <~Wormpaste> alright
[02:37] <+LtCrumpet> uh
[02:38] <+LtCrumpet> yeah its like a better agalloch
[02:38] <+LtCrumpet> kinda got some black-n-roll vibes
[02:38] <+LtCrumpet> folk influences
[02:38] <+LtCrumpet> yadda yadda
So there you have it.