Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dagor Dagorath - Yetzer Ha'Ra (2009)

Dagor Dagorath is a Black (Folk) Metal band that was formed in Afula, Israel in 2002. Genre wise, they play a light black metal in the sense that it has more melody than other black metal acts. Along with that, there is enough keyboarding present to give it a similar feel that other black folk metal bands, most notably Arafel. Though at the end of the day this is black metal with folk influences.

They open strong with "The Heaven In Hell" and really crush you with everything going on at once. There is some nice variation on vocals as the screaming vocals are the primary and the growls work as the secondary. There is even some awesome chanting at times chanting to mix things up. The guitar work is very technical and really creates an epic atmosphere mixed with some nice flowing melodies. My favourite piece of work of this album is defiantly "The Maze Of Madness". It just has loads of variety and I really dig the background instrumentals. It's kind of reminiscent of "Serpent Land" with the drum line though unfortunately it's missing the epic violin solo though they make it work. Solid 7/10 which is high considering this is mainly black metal.

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