Monday, July 11, 2011

Bifröst - Heidenmetal (2010)

Bifröst is a Austrian band that formed in 2005 and to date has released two albums. Having only heard the second makes it the one we shall focus on. It's actually hard to judge a band having only heard half of there work but the half that's being this album was pretty great. This album has awesome rasps and the vocals really shine. The keyboarding comes in and sweeps you off your feet while at the same time having that extreme edge which makes this band really great. Track 4 off this album, Die Wilde Jagd is a killer tune and for me embodies this band. I wish this was a more complete post but unfortunately the first album is only available in a abysmal quality so if anyone knows of a place to download where the quality is at least over 192 kbps it please leave a comment for a fellow traveler.