Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ageless Oblivion - Temples Of Transcendent Evolution (2011)

'A constantly evolving landscape of unrepentant Decapitated at their own game'- KKKK Kerrang! Fusing together the brutality of Nile with the Morbid Angel worship seen by the likes of Gojira, their music also incorporates the sprawling, epic soundscapes of bands like Mogwai and Cult Of Luna and a heavy sprinkling of Doom soaked riffs that would please even the most elitist of listeners. With a lyrical concept focusing around the strength of human potential and mankind's inner potential, the album features a concrete heavy production by Chris Fielding (Dyscarnate, Napalm Death, Electric Wizard), and mastering by Tim Turan (Opeth, Ingested Emperor)