Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scar Symmetry - The Unseen Empire (2011)

Scar Symmetry has always followed a Melodic - Tech Death - Rock pattern to their songs. They were well balanced and did not allow too much Rock to ruin their astounding compositions.
The Unseen Empire leans more towards a melodic sound. That being said the melodic licks are extremely catchy, weaved around their intense Tech riffs and unexpected solos.
The first song gives a very bad start to the album, however the songs that proceed create absolute mayhem.
The highlight of the album are the last 2 tracks. Draconian is an amazing track with a haunting main lead. Alpha and Omega is a power song laden with chugging riffs.
The unavoidable aspect of the album are the vocals. Considering all the skepticism after Christian leaving the band, the vocals do sound pretty good and seamless.
While the last track leaves you wanting for more, it fails to "end" the album. An inclusion of an outro track would have filled the lingering emptiness.