Sunday, May 15, 2011

GuilThee - Homunculus Paradoxon (2011)

Like it says in the prologue-like intro, GuilThee presents to you a stage play divided into three acts. It tells a tale of an alchemist's life, from birth to demise and death.

What makes it listen-worthy is the distinct presentation of characters inside the play. This is achieved through the wonderful use of variety of vocals. Two separate female vocals, growls, screams and male clean vocals - all providing and inducing different emotions and atmosphere. The music is also incredibly diverse, ranging from slow doom melodies to death and black metal riffs. Another interesting fact is that they used four languages on the album! Their native Hungarian, English, German and even Serbian. And, although English is used the most, the others are well noticeable.

Given the fact that I found this by accident, it truly was an excellent surprise. Compositions are majestic, vocal superiority in the album is stupendous and the story, with it's lyrics, is amazing. Be sure to give it a go.

P.S. Lyrics, scenes and acts are included. Enjoy.