Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Built Upon Frustration

Built Upon Frustration where a brutal as F hardcore/metal band based out of Pittsburgh, pa and where ex-members of Pro-Pain, The Spudmonsters, No Retreat, Through The Shadows, Icarus Witch, Invid and Endless. Jason Hominsky, original vocals was phenomenal but when Eric Klinger took the reigns of vocals on "The Book Of Mourning" he took the band to a whole new level of brutality.. sadly they have fairly recently broke up again and they're definitely missed. "Low Life Crew" leans more towards a Hatebreed, tuffguy style of hardcore.. "Resurrected" is simply a non-stop crushing and punishing experience and if you make it through the first two and finally put on "The Book Of Mourning" you will kill everyone. there's so much anger in this release it's indescribable. "Built Upon Frustration" the perfect name for one of the angriest bands you'll ever listen to.

  • Quality: LAME 3.97, V0 VBR

"Low Life Crew" 1998
"Resurrected" 2003
"The Book Of Mourning" 2006