Friday, February 11, 2011

Dread The Rapture - 2010 Demo & Single -- BAND SUBMNSSION

Dread The Rapture play metalcore. I'll just start there, they play it loud and proud from the heart and make no distinction in trying to hide it. This young german crew make use of their genres standards and create their own distinction among the throngs of what most propose is a dying or obsolete genre. Production wise there is a huge difference between the Demo & single that give each offering it's own light.
One key change is the vocals, I wasn't thrilled by the 'growl/bark' vox on the demo, but on the single everything is much cleaner and has that extra 'oomph'. Musically the bands always been very spot-on. No instrument battles for supremacy, good mixing and balancing here.
Yeah, that's right. I liked it.