Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ulcerate - The Destroyers of All (2011)

The new album does not deviate much from the 2009 release, it still represents some kind of techish death metal with black and doom added for that unique atmospheric feel that this band's music possesses.

To be truly honest, I did expected some sort of experimentation here, but they kept the previous winning formula and it's an excellent album, naturally. It's impossible to comprehend the entire album even if you listen to it several times, you're bound to give it a few extra spins even if that's not what you normally do. It's just that type of music.

The guitars are really solid, but melodic and mellow at the same time. The drums are fast, slow, pounding and most of all very consistent. Same goes for every other instrument, actually. Everything is just perfectly put together. The whole album is really a beautiful composition, lasting almost 53 minutes and captivating you extremely well.

It just doesn't disappoint and everyone should give this one a go.