Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carpe Noctem - Carpe Noctem (2009)

tyler> Post more black metal :(
LtCrumpet> ok
id_> Yeah, Crumpets all about being tr00
LtCrumpet> kvlt

I've yet to find an Icelandic black metal album I didn't enjoy (that isn't a challenge). This EP (though it clocks in at near full album length) is a distillation of every good black metal album to come out of Iceland in the last decade. Fast, violent, thunderously aggressive, remarkably well recorded, and a bass that you can hear! These guys show not only a very high level of musicianship, but also some real songwriting talent. Carpe Noctem is well constructed, well executed, modern black metal that stays true/tr00 to all our grim and frostbitten traditions.

Encyclopaedia Metallum
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