Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scion A/V Presents: Magrudergrind - Crusher EP (2010)

Hello. This time I'm going to write a review for the new EP from Magrudergrind.
 I'll immediately say, that I've not listened to Magrudergrind before. But I know that they play grindcore / powerviolence. But on this album the powerviolence has gone missing, it's just pure grindcore. Is it bad? I think not.
Good grindcore overall, albeit short (barely breaking 12 minutes), the most standout, and longest track is the last - clocking in at over 5 minutes. Real slow ponderous & mournful sludge --similar to Crowbar -- with screamed vocals.A good touch!
When listening to this EP it had strong similarities to a Phobia album, very spot on stuff. So if you're a fan of Phobia - you will definitely enjoy this album. I did.

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