Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Powermad "The Madness Begins" 1988

Powermad "Absolute Power" 1989

hey dudes, me again.. just wanted to drop in and say.. Yo. and post this.. these aren't really ultra rare or anything but was sittin around and wanted to listen to some Powermad and last i checked i didn't think it was issued on CD but i guess it was. i only found out after i transferred these tapes but it's kinda cool for nostalgia's sake.. scans are included.

Powermad.. gone way before their time. incase you need a comparison.. the best i
can do is maybe..  Annihilator's "Alice in Hell" and maybe a hint of Overkill
musically only though. so good and so missed.

Quality: LAME 3.98, V0 VBR
Encyclopaedia Metallum
Download: Sendspace "Absolute Power" and "The Madness Begins"

if anyone's interested i'm transferring my cassettes and can post more as i go so leave a comment.