Friday, December 10, 2010

Mourn Code - Paradise of the Walking Waste (2011)

Alright, cabrón, this is an excellent brutal death metal album from our friends over in Mexico. It's their first full-length release, after making a split and a demo. It's pretty good.

The album has quite an atmosphere and, as far as I could understand, their lyrical theme is kinda gorish. The guitars are very sexy, introducing some crazy and inverted riffs here and there. Also, some interesting solos when you wouldn't expect them. The drums are brutal, as they should be. Just pounding away, occasional machine gun style. The vocals are dual, but they're not over-abusing it. The change fits perfectly. Oh, nice samples too.

Anyway, they have two Fernandos and one Alejandro in the current line-up. Even Lady fucking Gaga would be proud! Get this.

P.S. They're not really our friends. But, if they knew how awesome we are, they'd probably want to be.