Thursday, December 2, 2010

HatePlow - Everybody Dies (1998)

The First Step Is Already Brutal As Fuck!! - 90%
Written by CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8 on February 25th, 2008
The first Hateplow album features fucking brutal death/grind songs that, compared to the second album, are a bit less impulsive and more death oriented. Being formed by members of Malevolent Creation too, sometimes the riffs are inspired by that genre and the production is very similar. Like in the opener, we have good alternation of grind blast beats with some heavier riffs. “Stalker” too is an example for what I said: mid paced beginning with a crescendo of intensity ‘till reaching the blast beats during the end. The musicians here know this kind of music very well so, nothing to say about the work: heavy, inspired and brutal. Riffs like in “Prison Bitch” are total Malevolent Creation inspired, with great bass sound, not too extreme, and great mid paced parts. On the other hand, we have total grind/death madness in tracks like “$20.00 Blow Job”, “Ante Up” (fucking great), “Denial” or “Anally Annie” with a great refrain screamed in both growl and scream styles. “Crackdown” has a total hardcore/grind madness riffage with moshing up tempo, while “In The Ditch” they show us a less raging approach, to break a bit the atmosphere. The power of the guitars sound is supreme and the drummer's ability creates always catchy/brutal tempos. All in all, a very good work by one of the best grind/brutal death metal acts nowadays. So, pals with moshing tendencies check this out. Blasting fury.
HatePlow's albums: The Only Law is Survival (2000)