Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flaying - Commandments-Violated (2006)

These guys got together in 2001. Then they started doing gigs as an opening act for notorious bands like Cannibal Corpse, Impaled Nazarene, Vader, Dismember, and Rotten Sound among other notables. Musically this is a mix of ¾ Brutal Death Metal and ¼ Grindcore. The initial groin kick I get is from the bass, which is a little backwards for me cause I like guitar and vocals first. Karlis’ bass playing has an infectiously enraged zip… In other words it sounds like a bass, not a distorted guitar. On guitars Viktor and Viesturs are tighter than a first time anal penetration of an Amazonian hottie. Plus they solo and inject some neat hooks and guitar licks into the music giving it a charge of uniqueness. The drums hold the rhythm together quite well and Evgenij offers a sick variety of blast beats, fills, and technicality to the band. Vocally the listener gets a double shot of perversion. First come the patented deep vocals that sound like a daemon hammering your eardrum. At the same time the listener gets violated by a gargling voice that sounds like a combination of Black Metal and Grindcore styles. The music is played with real passion, and the production is solid. Cooler still are the guitar solo’s that add an uncommon touch to a genre of Metal that sometimes seems too rooted in traditionalism. Good-Fucking-Stuff!!!!