Friday, November 5, 2010


i'm a new contributor here and looking around i'm not quite sure i fit the mold of a loadown member but i figure loadown is over due for someone like me so enjoy my posts.. or not. so here's my intro post and it's a good one.!

What blogspot blog post wouldn't be complete without a mighty Disembodied post.!? so here's our contribution to the heaviest band in hardcore.. my approach is a bit different though.. i'm sure everyone has their studio albums by now, if not do yourselves a favor and get them ASAP, these are all recent live shows, except for the show in Seattle it was recorded in 1998, they've performed since their reunion and a self made compilation i made years before "Psalms Of Sheol" saw the light of day. contributions that made the live sets possible are from.. Sunny at Please goto his site and make a donation.. give what you can.. keep him busy. and JAV from JAV is also responsible for quite a few of the compilation tracks as well as years of searching the net for not only for the tracks themselves but actually finding high quality rips and transfers. i also added their studio discography with the exception of "Existence In Suicide" but it's all good because all the tracks from that release are on "Psalms Of Sheol"

do not turn your head in disgust simply because you see the term "Hardcore".. Disembodied fuses the two genres, Metal and Hardcore, in a way that will crush your soul. if you're not familiar with them, again, do yourself a favor and at least check out their myspace page.

if you haven't yet.. go to Prime Directive Records and get a copy of "Psalms Of Sheol" LP and CD versions have been released. something magical happened with the songs off this release.. they managed to take 13 of the heaviest songs ever crafted and actually made them heavier.!!? it's true.!

the phrase "Heaviest Band In Hardcore" still rings true to this very day.

QUALiTY.: 256KBit/s / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo / LAME 3.98r

Average Bitrate: 256KBit/s CBR

Average Bitrate: 192 kbps CBR

QUALiTY.: 192KBit/s / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo / CBR

No Slow...All Go! Compilation 2xLP DGR001 / HMR002 1995 / Existence in Suicide (Furface Records 1996 (Original)
/ The Confession 7" (Moo Cow Records 1996 (Vinyl) / bootleg 7" from The Diablerie Sessions (Independently Released 1997 (Vinyl) / 1997 Demos / Ourselves Compilation (Omega Records 1997)* Expressionless (Live) / The Difference Between Us Compilation (Goodfellow Records 1997) / Oxymoron" split with Brothers Keeper (Trustkill Records 2000) / Pickle Patch: Live Shows 1997-1999 #1 (Dim Mak 2002) / The Old, The New & The Unreleased Compilation (Undecided Records 2005)
QUALiTY.: 253kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo


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