Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Death Doom

Death Doom came into fruition around the late 80's and it's what you'd expect
from it's monicue.. elements of Death metal and Doom Metal are represented and it
makes for an interesting experience. it's one of my favorites of the Doom Metal
sub-genres second only to Sludge.. the bands i've chosen to share are fairly new
and by new i'm talking from about 2000 to 2005 and are just a few of my favorites
so i included a few releases from each band. and always.. if this is something
new to you.. take a few minutes and at least check'em out and broaden your
musical interests.

Quality: LAME 3.97, V2 VBR, Scene Releases
My Silent Wake: Encyclopedia Metallum | Myspace
The Drowning: Encyclopedia Metallum | Myspace
Swallow The Sun: Encyclopedia Metallum | Myspace
Unearthly Trance: Encyclopedia Metallum | Myspace

"Black Lights And Silent Roads" My Silent Wake/The Drowning (Split) 2010
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My Silent Wake "A Garland Of Tears" 2008
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Swallow The Sun "Ghosts Of Loss" 2005
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Swallow The Sun "Hope" (Promo) 2007
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Swallow The Sun "New Moon" 2009
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Swallow The Sun "Plague Of Butterflies" (EP) 2008
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Swallow The Sun "The Morning Never Came" 2005
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Unearthly Trance "Electrocution" 2008
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Unearthly Trance "In The Red" 2004
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Unearthly Trance/The Endless Blockade (Split LP) 2010
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Unearthly Trance "V" 2010
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nOTE: Trackfix for (Swallow The Sun "Hope") included.