Friday, November 26, 2010

Cerebral Incubation - Asphyxiating on Excrement (2009)

I can make all the standard parallels here from a rawer form of Devourment (is that possible?) to Abominable Putridity to Cephalotripsy. It is non-stop pounding riffs, one after another, with much more of a “clean” production. The guitars are heavy but discernible and the bass just helps all the riffs sound that much heavier. The drums can be interesting at times and the blasting is competent and sounds good over the slower progression of riffs. Unlike most of the brutal bands, Cerebral Incubation rarely take a break with some incoherent shredding but plod through the whole album with riff after riff of heaviness. For fans of brutal death metal, this is one for the collection. For those casual listeners, this might be “too much” in the sense that it is non-stop mosh riffing with little in the amount of interludes. For those who hate this style, you will hate this too, maybe even more than the others. For you closet brutal death metal listeners, now is the time to come out and rejoice! Brutal death metal can be a guilty pleasure for you – it is not “intelligent, thinking man’s” death metal.