Friday, November 19, 2010

Anal Blast

Jay-jay stopped by on the Official Loadown IRC Channel and mentioned he played bass in the legendary band Anal Blast on the split with Cephalic Carnage and suggested we make an Anal Blast post.. tho i only had 2 releases from the band, feel free to contribute in comments if you feel like it.  Lyrical theme(s): Menstruation, Death, Sex, Sick Humor, Porn. if you're in the mood for some "porno death grind" look no farther. R.I.P. Don "Lord Stomache" Decker, Anal Blasts Vocalist.. he died October 11, 2009. not only vocalist for Anal Blast but Don Decker was a huge supporter and promoter in the metal scene in the Midwest area.

Quality: LAME 3.97, V2 VBR, Scene release
Encyclopaedia Metallum

Anal Blast "Battered Bleeding Bitch" 2004
Loadown: Sendspace
Anal Blast "The Worst of Anal Blast/Assault On the Hot Wet Blood Hole" 2007
Loadown: Sendspace