Monday, November 22, 2010

3D House Of Beef

3D House of Beef

i first discovered these guy's on the old, man i miss that site, and have loved them ever since. 3D House Of Beef are a Doom Metal band, Sludge Metal to be more specific, i have spent a few years tracking down these cd's and while there's a few more releases, a few demo cassettes and an ep, these 3 are all i was able to find.. the Self Titled and Low Cycle full lengths are awesome but Similar Attack Pattern is a lethargic crushing interpretation of de-tuned and zero indulgence post-metal and industrial remixes that incorporate sonic elements of industrial music, heavy metal, and experimental noise and is equally as awesome. these releases are -Ldq ( Quality Releases), meaning, they're ripped by yours truly for the suggestion of more Doom/Sludge

Quality: LAME 3.98, V0 VBR, -Ldq Release
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3D House Of Beef "Low Cycle" 2001
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3D House Of Beef "Self Titled" 1996
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3D House Of Beef "SImilar Attack Pattern" 1998
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