Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quo Vadis Full Lengths

Quo Vadis is a melodic technical death metal band from Canada. They play a fantastic style of music with simplistic, elegant yet techy riffs mixed with sparingly used vocals in the harsher regime. The guitar work is great with many memorable and wonderfully melodic riffs and solos, though it is slightly held back. And so are the vocals, to an even greater extent, but I still feel that the vocals comes through and put its marks on the songs. This is done to give room to, imo, some of the best drums ever written. It's just the epitome of my drumming taste with surging bass drum burst patterns that drives the songs forward together with terrific snare and cymbal work. There's such a great variation as well, you never get tired of listening to these drums because all of the parts fit together perfectly with the rest of the song elements. Almost every single track these guys have put out gives off an air of total completion and mastery.

Forever... (1996)
Quality: 320 kpbs / MP3 CBR
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Day Into Night (2000)
Quality: 320 kbps / MP3 CBR
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Defiant Imagination (2004)
Quality: ~256 kbps / MP3 VBR
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