Thursday, October 7, 2010


In celebration of the release of Melechesh's newest album, here's a full discography of Melechesh. What started as a black metal band with Middle Eastern colorings has grown into rather unique sounding folk/black metal - during which time they got trolled out of Israel and moved to the Netherlands. While Norway is gushing with folk/black metal from every orifice, Melechesh sets itself apart by using traditional Arabic melodies, and in their newer albums, a full complement of traditional folk instruments. If you ignore the folk elements, they don't sound too dissimilar from Absu (they also shared a drummer at one point). If you're a fan of Nile, Absu, or are looking for a radically different take on the old folk/black metal approach, give this a shot.

Quality: See below
Encyclopaedia Metallum
1995 - As Jerusalem Burns... (192bBit/s CBR) HERE
1996 - The Siege of Lachish (128kBit/s CBR) HERE
1996 - As Jerusalem Burns...Al'Intisar (varies) HERE
2001 - Djinn (128-192kBit/s CBR) HERE
2003 - Sphynx (192kBit/s CBR) HERE
2004 - The Ziggurat Scrolls (VBR) HERE
2006 - Emissaries (VBR) HERE
2010 - The Epigenesis (320kBit/s CBR) HERE

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