Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diminished - Chainsaw Cunt (2010)

Texas has a reputation of having some of the sickest death metal bands around including Devourment, Viral Load, Insidious Decrepancy, Putrilage (RIP), Engaged in Mutilating just to name a few. Now, coming out of the Houston area is Diminished and their 2010 debut full length out on Sevared Records entitled "Chainsaw Cunt". The Diminished lineup at the time of recording was vocalist Michael Pinkard, guitarists Daniel Balle and Edward Martinez, bassist Marcus Gonzales and drummer Cesar Martinez however shortly after recording they replaced Cesar with current drummer Aaron Romo. Throughout "Chainsaw Cunt", Diminished shows some diversity in their musical writings. The music ranges from slower paced moshable slam/groove riffs, faster paced speedpicking and grinding, some lead guitarwork with a wah pedal and even a couple of acoustic portions such as the beginning of track three "Assumption of the Virgin". The ninth track entitled "All Is Not Lost" is actually an instrumental with clean rhythm guitars, bass and lead guitars. The vocals are ultra low gutturals that are being backed up by high screams similar to those screams from Origin. The production on "Chainsaw Cunt" was pretty good. You wouldn't think that this was their first recording. All the levels sounded pretty even. Yes the bass is even heard. A couple favorites for me were, in no particular order, the title track (track five) "Chainsaw Cunt", track eight "A Jar Full of Vaginas" and track ten "Anal Seepage" because of their slam hooks. All in all a pretty damn good piece of ear candy on their first effort. I look forward to hearing what they muster up next with their new drummer. Go check them out at the sites below and if you like what you hear pick up Diminished's "Chainsaw Cunt"