Thursday, November 25, 2010

Exivious - Exivious (2009)

Exivious was an instrumental progressive jazz fusion death metal band from the Netherlands. Unfortunately, after having created such an amazing and original debut album, they split up.
These guys manage to put in almost every influence they could muster up and still make it sound perfect. The album shifts in character many times and it is very important that it is listened to as a whole. I'm not even going to try to explain all the different aspects, it's just too much.
Basically, it is what you have always wished for since you heard Cynic for the first time. Then you arrive at the gloomy but mellow All That Surrounds pt 1 and you know that this album is something different. Crazy, beautiful stuff.

id_'s shitty review:
Instrumental Prog band here that had jazz elements in albums prior, not as much on this record - but some influence is still there. I think this has to be the most 'chill' thing I've posted here, definetly something for beddy-bye time or "BLAZING A PHAT ONE".. or whatever it is you kids do, I'm more a heroin man myself.
All three reviews from EM give this album a 100% which should tell you something about this band. Each song is well produced, organized and functionally different. No stale repetition or mediocrity here, each song breaths it's own unique air and will leave listeners satisfied.