Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gloria Morti - Anthems Of Annihilation (2010)

Gloria Morti is a melodic black metal band from Finland. These guys play a very very likable mix of melodic black and death metal, which genretards from both genres can thoroughly enjoy. The guitars and symphonic melodies are very nice and easy to follow while the band still retains the "brutalness" of the black heritage. Especially the vocals are just off the hook, I don't know or care how it's done but I absolutely adore these vocals. They consist of a lovely mix of death and black vocals, where some of the black metal screams are just so dig-inducing without taking anything away from the melodies. For instance, the track Obey just makes you air scream and air drum wherever you happen to be at the time heh. Another song that I really like is Redemption, the outro is sickness. But the whole album is just brimming with pure sweetness, can't wait to see them play live!

P.S My recurring statement that "the drums are awesome and well produced" holds true for these guys as well, but that is kind of a must for a drumtard like me to like it :) D.S