Monday, May 10, 2010

Being Killed - Kill Yourself (2008)

Current line-up
  • Dave Astor - Vocals, Bass, Drum Programming (The Locust, Pathology (USA), Cattle Decapitation, Parasitic)
  • Tim Tiszczenko - Guitar (Pathology (USA))
  • Levi Fuselier - Vocals (Disgorge (USA), Pathology (USA), Sabbatic Feast)
Being Killed is a three piece combination of sickness hailing San Diego, CA. Sickening brutal death metal performed with relentless fury and plenty of flesh shredding riffs. Flawless drumming by Dave Astor (Cattle Decapitation/ Pathology) with inhuman guttural vocals courtesy of Levi Fuselier (Disgorge). Disturbing artwork by Mike Hrubovcak at Visual Darkness. SICK!